About Us

Arise Precision Casting (APC) is a versatile manufacturer, capable of producing highly customized products in the field of Investment Casting. Catering to quality-conscious niches, we compete against top-of-the-league. With a mission to deliver quality Investment casting products worldwide to the customers, our team is constantly developing new grades and applications to maintain and enhance our leading position. Consistent with the vision and values, Arise Precision Casting strives to rise to the new challenges and setting new standards to celebrate the delight of our customers by providing best possible products. The means envisaged to achieve this are high technology, productivity and manpower, consistent with modern management practice.



To simplify complexity using precision and strength.



We aim to cast our customer’s dreams into reality with sustainable and innovative manufacturing practices.



On time Delivery. Superior Investment Castings quality adhering to various standards.

Why Us


Accuracy & Design

We produce almost ready to use components that require little or no further processing. We specialize in producing precise detail and dimensional accuracy of approximately +/-0.005"per inch of dimension in castings of up to 120 kg or just a few grams. Complex shapes, both externally and internally are possible through the use of tool design, soluble wax coring, or ceramic coring.


Wide Alloy choice & Component Consistency

We can cast widest variety of alloys in most commonly used base metals such as steels, stainless steels, copper, nickel, irons, cobalt, and more. Since cast components are produced by using wax patterns from a single tool, dimensional accuracy is the same from part to part, year after year. When design changes are required, it is usually possible to alter existing tooling at a relatively minor cost.


Price Advantage

We work with our clients to assist with tooling requirements, and look after all tool manufacturing and storage therefore yield on the investment of the tool is very high. Minimal metal losses of expensive and sensitive materials such as stainless steels, nickel alloys, and cobalt alloys, add to your pricing advantage.


We would be happy to facilitate a site visit for you to come and watch us work with clockwork precision and accuracy.


Within short time we have been able to support clients from across the country. quality and on – time delivery are pillars of our success. The company has successfully developed certain very intricate components with excellent results for its valuable clients.


Our Products

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