About Us

About Us

We are one of the world leaders in the development, production, and export of precision investment castings and sand castings for mission-critical applications like Cryogenic and other severe services. We are experts in the production of all types of valve components, pump parts, and other general engineering applications. We are one of the few foundries in the world that can produce zero-defect castings consistently with reliability, repeatability, and professionalism.

We offer a wide range of materials by producing all grades of Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Low Alloys High Strength Steels, High Alloys Heat Resistant Steels, High Alloys Corrosion Resistant steel, and Nickel based Alloys, Duplex and Super Duplex Steels, etc. Our products always comply with relevant international standards and specifications.

Thanks to our proven supply history to prestigious projects all over the world, our name is placed as a frontline supplier for casting components wherein reliability and dependency are major concerns.


A world-class foundry that can produce investment castings (lost wax) and sand casting (fully automated no-bake process), a sophisticated machine shop, and all necessary testing facilities are under one roof.


We produce premium quality castings for Valves, Pumps, and other critical engineering applications both by investment casting (lost wax) and by sand casting (fully automated alkaline phenolic - no-bake) processes. We can produce investment castings (lost wax) weighing up to 300 kgs per unit and sand casting weighing up to 1000 kgs per unit in all grades of stainless steel, carbon steels, nickel-based alloys, Brass, and Bronze.

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