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Rainbow Technocast

  • Rainbow Technocast is a rapidly growing Company operating from well-appointed premises in the Shapar Industrial estate 15 kms away from Rajkot (Gujarat), INDIA with a capacity of 700 MT. per annum and spread over an area of 36000 sq. Feet land. Considered to be one of the best manufacturing unit of precision Investment Casting having technically sound staff and in-house advanced technologies to develop Precision ferrous and non-ferrous Investment casting components.

Manufacturing Capabilities



The ability to produce complexity in parts which can be re-designed to save weight without loss of strength and almost any degree of external as well as internal complexity can be achieved. Thus many parts from competitive processes can be converted to investment castings.



The process is capable of producing precise details like holes, complex undercuts, lettering, slots and dimensional accuracy in parts weighing many pounds or just few ounces. The Weight range of metal investment casting supplies varies from 50 gms to 140 kg single piece.

Reduce Production Cost


By investment casting you can reduce machining cost, material costs and tooling start-up cost on the final components. Thus investment casting offers a combination of features which can translate to cost saving benefits for you.

Broad Range of Alloy


The company is equipped to handle all low / high carbon steel, stainless steel, low/ high alloy steel, nickel based alloys & special corrosion resistant alloys like alloy-20, Hast alloy etc. any ferrous and non ferrous alloy can be used including metal which can’t forge.



The long standing use of investment castings in aero engines, nuclear power plants, deep sea machineries and space engines for the most demanding applications has fully demonstrated their ability to be manufactured to the highest standards.



Our Infrastructure

  • The company has a well-equipped production unit which includes various Departments & facilities like,
  • Die Design Department.
  • Semi-Automatic pattern producing machines.
  • Fluidized Bed and Rain falls Machines for Coating Department.
  • Fully automized dewaxing autoclave.
  • 350 KW Induction Melting Furnace with two crucible of 350 KG.
  • Vaccum based Spectrometer by “BRUKER Germany.”
  • In house fully programable heat treatment furnace
  • Well Equipped Fettling Department.
  • Brinell and Rockwell Hardness Tester.
  • Universal Testing Machine.
  • Well equipped Quality control Department.
  • In house NDT Facility
  • Well equiped in house machining shop

Our Products

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